Simplicity: Balancing between the less is more principle and Occam's razor, at Homo Ludens we believe in the power and effectiveness of simplicity. We design our actions based on this principle and encourage participants (performers - facilitators, residents and visitors) to participate in the actions easily and with simple procedures. The phrase "I can do this too" is a motivation and motto for everyone.

But beware: Simplicity does not mean lack of sophistication.

Organized experience: The economy of organized action provides more time for thinking, interaction with other participants, processing of events and messages, safety and stress-free enjoyment. In the end, the improved experience offered by the organized exploration of all aspects of the action, promotes the strengthening of the participants' bonds and contributes to their immersive experience. 

Entertainment: Emphasizing and highlighting the recreational nature of the theatrical and performing activities transforms the "recreational" experience into a superior creative, spiritual & social experience.

The insertion of the imaginary, into the real: At Homo Ludens we support the maximization of sensory experience through processes of immersion of the participants in adventure, roles, artistic and playful activities. The insertion of the imaginary into the real, both through narrative techniques and by means of digital technology and augmented reality, enhance the "all-round entertainment" experience.

Play – Performance Continuum: Maintaining the principle of continuity of play and performative - drama actions, ensures the coupling of the two components of Homo Ludens -art and play- within urban space. The continuous micro-regulatory actions of the participants inside and outside the context contribute towards this direction. Active registered members of Homo Ludens have the opportunity to receive the benefits of this principle to a much greater extent.

Delimitation: In Homo Ludens we understand that in order to transcend one's limits, one must first set them. Participants act within a "delimited" context but not a "delimited" meaning. The co-performers and facilitators of Homo Ludens as well as the digital animation media guide the action but do not manipulate its meaning. The meaning remains free and is constantly fed back through the feedback loop and the respective conditions of the action.