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What is Homo Ludens?

Homo Ludens in Latin means "Man who plays". In 1938, the historian, anthropologist and founder of the new cultural history movement, Johan Huizinga, in his book Homo Ludens, argued that play is a component of every civilisation, as "civilisation appears in the form of a game that is already played from the beginning". This cultural, and by extension social, character of play constitutes a unique and representative function of human existence, a function that is experiential, creative, performative and ritualistic at the same time, a function through which the essence of the Man Who Plays - Homo Ludens - emerges.

For more information click HOMO LUDENS.

What is the Homo Ludens Ecosystem?

The Homo Ludens (HL) ecosystem is a dynamic hub of innovation and culture. Let's imagine HL as a networking space and a testing ground. Through HL we bring together people with common interests (HL members) and enable them to put their ideas into practice by creating events, actions and products and by putting them to the test.

As a legal entity Homo Ludens is a Civil Non-Profit Company and as a tax entity it is a research and experimental development company of interdisciplinary character.

The ecosystem's development model is based on the contribution of a) its regular members and b) interconnected actors.

For more information click ECOSYSTEM

What are the maps of Homo Ludens?

Homo Ludens' (HL) interactive digital maps combine guided tours of places of tourist, cultural or other specific topographical interest.

For example, through the map of the "Athens Poetry Walk " users discover 26 points of poetic interest - landmarks, in central points of Athens, with busts, statues, houses and poets' hangouts, rich informational material, while through the map of Kifissia Park in "A Walk in Kifissia Park" they discover the flaura as well as the  architectural and historical-cultural landmarks of the park.

For more information click MAPS.

All regular HL members can create their own map.

For more information on how to become an HL member and information on your privileges click MEMBER.

What are city games?

Homo Ludens’ (HL) city games are offered to members, are mainly site-specific and have a recreational, touristic and educational character.

For example, through the city game "Run Bunny, Run !" users discover the secrets hidden in the church of Kapnikarea and are immersed in the narratives of the existentialist philosopher bunny in search of the meaning of life.

For more information click City Games.

All HL regular members can create their own city game.

For more information on how to become a member of HL and information on your privileges click MEMBER.

Who can become a member of Homo Ludens?

Α Member of Homo Ludens can be:

A) Any person over 18 years of age who is inspired by its principles, aims and objectives.

B) Any legal entity guided by the same principles that wishes to combine social action with its aims and objectives, subject to any restrictions that may be imposed by the Law or Homo Ludens’ Articles of Association.

For more information on how to become a member of HL and information on your privileges click MEMBER.

For more information about Homo Ludens’ Articles of Association click LEGAL INFO.

I want to create a game myself, what should I do?

Only Lifetime Members of Homo Ludens (HL) have the right to create games via Homo Ludens (HL).

Anyone can submit an initial idea by filling out the relevant form CREAT.

For more information on how to register as a regular member MEMBER or contact us via the CONTACT FORM

Can you take on any suggested theme?

The experienced team of the Homo Ludens ecosystem can customize an event to your specifications as long as your idea is in line with our principles, aesthetic and statutory purposes.

You can submit your idea by filling in the relevant form CREAT.

Who owns the copyright?

The management of intellectual property issues, as well as other commercial and related rights, is a highly complex legal and commercial issue, as the legal framework, especially due to digital transformations, is constantly evolving and developing at an international level.

To this end, the Homo Ludens Ecosystem follows the recommendations of the Hellenic Copyright Organisation, which is supervised by the Ministry of Culture.

The copyright belongs to the authors of the content who are bound by a copyright 

For more details read the Internal Regulation which are only accessible to prospective members of the ecosystem.

For more information on how to become a member of Homo Ludens and information regarding your privileges click MEMBER.  

If I register as a regular or nonregular member, can I get my money back?

Before paying the registration fee one has to be certain that Homo Ludens is the ecosystem where one is interested in developing their creativity.

There is no refund for fees already paid, but membership can be terminated at any time.

For more details read the INTERNAL REGULATION

Which age groups are Homo Ludens' events aimed at?

Homo Ludens' events / games are designed in such a way that they address a wide range of age groups. In general, they are suitable for all ages, but there are events / games specifically aimed at children, families or adults. Before registering for an event / game, read its description in order to find out which age groups the activity is best suited for.

However, to become a member or even a volunteer you must be at least 18 years of age.

How can I become a volunteer?

Any person over the age of 18 who is inspired and motivated by the principles, aims and objectives of Homo Ludens can become a volunteer.

To fill in the relevant form click VOLUNTEER.

How can I support Homo Ludens’ events?

You can support  Homo Ludens’ events  financially, materially, with your know-how or with your presence. If you wish to support Homo Ludens and you are a legal person / entity you can:

  1. A) Become a member of Homo Ludens (for more information click MEMBER)
  2. B) Make a donation (for more information click DONORS)
  3. C) Become a volunteer (for more information click VOLUNTEER)
  4. D) Become a sponsor (for more information click SPONSOR)



How can I become a Homo Ludens partner?

Any legal person / entity inspired by the principles, aims and objectives of HL can become a Homo Ludens partner.

More specifically, you can become an HL partner as:

A) A Regular member (for more information click MEMBER)

B) An Associate (regular member as a legal entity, municipality, university, research centre, festival, NGO, etc.). For more information please contact us via the CONTACT FORM.

C) A Sponsor (for relevant information click SPONSORS)



How can I play?

For those games that are free you can join simply by clicking on the link and registering for the game.

For those games that are locked, you need to become a Μember - Friend of Homo Ludens. For more information click MEMBER.

If you are a regular member (Lifetime Member) access to all games/apps is free of charge. For more information click MEMBER.

I am a member of Homo Ludens, can my children play?

Yes, they can. For outdoor games and if they are under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Each member is allowed to play each "locked" game once.

What happens in case it rains?

In case the game is asynchronous you can play at any date and time you wish. Asynchronous games are so far divided into 3 categories: City Games, Maps and Quiz.

In case the game is an Event, i.e. live action on specific dates and places with the participation of performers, facilitators and audience, it will take place normally except in case of extreme weather conditions.

For more relevant information click TERMS OF USE.

For more information regarding the different game categories click ENTER

Is booking necessary in order to participate?

Booking concerns only the participation in Events, i.e. live actions on specific dates and venues with participation from performers, facilitators and audience, and in most cases it is necessary. More specific information is announced separately for each event.

Is a mobile phone necessary for Homo Ludens' events?

Homo Ludens uses the smartphone (smartphone) as a tool. Digital technology makes it easier for us to guide the participants on routes through the city or in parks and intensifies the players’ immersive experience. Thus, we achieve the "coupling of digital and physical action".

For more information regarding the aims, mission and values of Homo Ludens click ABOUT.

Is specific equipment necessary? Do I need to have anything with me during the game?

Comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions (hat, warm jacket, etc.) are useful, and a smart device (mobile phone, tablet) with a charged battery is necessary.

In certain games there is also the possibility to use your headphones.

Do I need to have a data / internet connection in order to play?

An internet connection is essential, as Homo Ludens’ apps do not get "downloaded" to your smart device as they are web-based apps with extremely low mobile data consumption.

Are your events adapted for people with disabilities?

As the games / events are site-specific and are mainly implemented in the city, they are adapted as much as the accessibility of each area allows.

Can I stop a game and play it later?

All asynchronous games can be played whenever you wish and you can even stop in the middle and continue later, except in case the game has a time limit (timer).

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