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Homo Ludens - Athens Poetry Walk

Athens Poetry Walk

Free app by the Municipality of Athens and Homo Ludens



"Athens Poetry Walk" is a free digital application linking poetic landmarks,  which includes an interactive map, useful information, audio documents and gamification.

Specifically, the application includes:

  • 26 points of poetic interest* - landmarks in central locations in Athens with busts, statues, poets’ homes and literary cafes, rich informational material, and readings of selected representative poems as well as rare audio documents curated by Dimitra  Christodoulou.
  • A game of knowledge and observation in a poetic walk that links 15 busts and statues of poets.
  • A tribute to poetic discourse by Athens 9.84 in collaboration with the  Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens, where prominent Greek poets, their loved ones and representatives of the new poetic generation read famous poems.
  • Video recitations of Greek Classics in Ancient Greek, a collaboration between the Athens Culture Net and Homo Ludens and the Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University in Washington, DC.


The application is accessible from smartphones and other digital devices by visiting https://poetry.homoludens.org/ or by scanning the QR code below with extremely low mobile data usage.


When opening the app, the user can browse the digital map, which includes 26 map pins in three different colors, by tapping on each pin and reviewing the corresponding information:

  1. The blue color corresponds to historical landmarks of poetic interest.
  2. The red color corresponds to landmarks with busts and statues of poets where the user can listen to exemplary recitations and play the game by clicking on the gamification symbol. By answering the questions correctly he/she can climb to the top of the leaderboard and win glory!



*The following points of poetic interest are linked in the application:

  1. Georgios Drosinis' House
  2. A "home" for Odysseas Elytis
  3. Andreas Empeirikos’ House
  4. Kostis Palamas’ House
  5. Giorgos Seferis’ House
  6. "Zonar's" cafe
  7. The poets’ meeting place at Loumidis' coffee shop
  8. The "Enchanted Flute"
  9. "Brazillian" literary cafe
  10. Filion cafe
  11. Exhibition: "Dionysios Solomos... two flames... Manolis Charos", Gennadeios Library


  1. Busts of Tragic Poets - Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides
  2. Bust of Georgios Souris
  3. Bust of Jean Moréas
  4. Bust of Aristotelis Valaoritis
  5. Bust of Dionysios Solomos
  6. Bust of Ioannis Polemis
  7. Bust of Achilleas Paraschos
  8. Statue of Lord Byron
  9. Bust of Giorgos Seferis
  10. Statue of Kostis Palamas
  11. Statue of Rigas Feraios (Velenstinlis)
  12. Bust of Lorentzos Mavilis
  13. Bust of Angelos Sikelianos
  14. Statue of Odysseas Elytis
  15. Bust of Konstantinos Kavafis (Constantine P. Cavafy)