Lovely Spam’s Gifts

Homo Ludens organizes an interactive Christmas game based on digital technology and live action at the Voula Recovery & Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (formerly PIKPA) in collaboration with Tandem!


Spam, Spam, Spam
Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Lovely Spam, Lovely Spam, Lovely Spam!!!


Lovely Spam, the lovable and misunderstood elf who believes that during the holidays everyone without exception is entitled to their present, is the hero of Homo Ludens' Christmas game.

Whether one is young or old, diligent or naughty, whether one has written a letter to Santa Claus or not, he or she is entitled to his/her present. This is why Lovely Spam has decided to take matters into his own hands and out of excessive zeal to send gifts, letters and emails to everyone in all corners of the world. But so massive was his contribution that he inadvertently created a lot of problems, both in the gift production line as well as in the mail delivery system around the world.

The kindness and spontaneity of "Lovely Spam" almost blew up Christmas! So Santa had to make a tough decision and place him in the "junk mail" department, finally removing him from the front line of the Christmas celebration.

Homo Ludens decided to make "Lovely Spam" happy again and organized a game in which the children of PAAPAV will collect as many gifts as they can using digital technology.

It is an original, fun and interactive play activity based on digital technology that will be organized at PAAPAV in collaboration with Tandem.

The main character, Lovely Spam, was designed by Homo Ludens and will be the central character of more activities that combine physical play and "exploration" via smartphones.

Τhe Web Based App «Lovely Spam’s Gifts» was developed by media42 and the illustration of Lovely Spam was created entirely by the AI program MJ, specifically for these mixed reality events.


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Concept - Design - Direction: Katia Makrykosta
Production Management: Stella Levantaki
Performers - Guides: Evangelia Alexiou, Georgia Kanellou, Tzoulia Kogkou, Katia Makrykosta, Bampis Melikidis, Eya Mejri, Patty Sotiropoulou, Laika Tanveer, Zara Tanveer, Christina Chela
Digital Gift Design: Bampis Melikidis
Intro song: Monty Python - Spam Song

The character and story of Lovely Spam are based on an idea by Alkis Gounaris.


PAAPAV (formerly known as PIKPA)
Friday 30 December 2022